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Prashant Pillai Ringtone Download

Prashant Pillai, born on September 8, 1981, is a distinguished music producer and composer hailing from India. Following his completion of Sound Engineering in Chennai, he embarked on a collaborative journey with the legendary A.R. Rahman, whose influence profoundly shaped his artistic trajectory.

After a brief yet enriching period under Rahman’s mentorship, Pillai found his artistic sanctuary in Pune, where he delved into crafting scores for diverse mediums, spanning from advertising jingles to web soundscapes and short films. Throughout his career, he reveres Rahman not only as a professional beacon but also as a cherished mentor whose guidance continues to resonate in his work.

In the early months of 2004, Pillai seized his inaugural opportunity to compose a radio jingle, a modest yet pivotal step that laid the foundation for his subsequent ventures into the realms of both radio and television jingle composition.

By 2007, Prashant found himself entrusted with the musical composition for Bejoy Nambiar’s acclaimed short film, “Rahu.” Collaborating with the talented vocalist K. S. Krishnan, Pillai’s collaboration with Nambiar proved to be a harmonious fusion of experimental sounds and evocative melodies. Notably, the soundtrack, featuring the sons of the revered Ustad Ghulam Mustafa Khan, Murtaza, and Qadir Khan, showcased Pillai’s prowess in crafting a soul-stirring Sufi song titled “Betaabi.” Its profound impact transcended borders, later finding its way into a Malayalam film titled “City of God.”


Raakk Ringtone DownloadPrashant Pillai, P.S Rafeeque, MohanlalMalaikottai Vaaliban (Malayalam)02:50
Malaikottai Vaaliban Teaser Theme (From “Malaikottai Vaaliban”) (Malayalam) Ringtone DownloadPrashant PillaiMalaikottai Vaaliban Teaser Theme (From “Malaikottai Vaaliban”) (Malayalam)01:00
Madabhara Mizhiyoram (From “Malaikottai Vaaliban”) (Malayalam) Ringtone DownloadPrashant Pillai, Preeti Pillai, P.S RafeequeMadabhara Mizhiyoram (From “Malaikottai Vaaliban”) (Malayalam)03:02
Punnara Kattile Poovanatthil (From “Malaikottai Vaaliban”) (Malayalam) Ringtone DownloadShreekumar Vakkiyil, Abhaya HiranmayiPunnara Kattile Poovanatthil (From “Malaikottai Vaaliban”) (Malayalam)03:10
Roshomon Ringtone DownloadAshwin Gopakumar, Arun Kamath, Niranj Suresh, Sachin Raj, Rakesh Kishore, Alfred Eby IssacSolo02:51
Angamaly Ringtone DownloadAngamaly Pranchi, Chorus, Febin Paulose, Joy ChirakalAngamaly Diaries02:34
Theeyame Ringtone DownloadAngamaly Pranchi, Shreekumar VakkiyilAngamaly Diaries03:00
Thana Dhina Ringtone DownloadAngamaly Pranchi, Chorus, Febin Paulose, Joy ChirakalAngamaly Diaries03:51
Seetha Kalyanam Ringtone DownloadSreehari KRanarangam03:31
Nasha Ringtone DownloadPrashant Pillai, Bindu NambiarShaitan03:15
Thora Mazhayilum Ringtone DownloadVineeth Sreenivasan, Preeti PillaiSaajan Bakery Since 196203:31
Raakk (from “Malaikottai Vaaliban”) (Malayalam) Ringtone DownloadPrashant Pillai, P.S Rafeeque, MohanlalRaakk (from “Malaikottai Vaaliban”) (Malayalam)02:50
Kaalamere Poi Maikilum Ringtone DownloadK.S.HarisankarSaajan Bakery Since 196203:53
Ayalathe Ringtone DownloadShreekumar VakkiyilAngamaly Diaries02:10
Ezhimala Kottayile Ringtone DownloadPrashant Pillai, P.S Rafeeque. Preeti PillaiMalaikottai Vaaliban (Malayalam)04:46
Evaro Evaro Ringtone DownloadPreeti PillaiRanarangam04:17
Eeran Kannil Ringtone DownloadK.S.HarisankarSaajan Bakery Since 196204:15
O Yaara Ringtone DownloadKeerthi Sagathia, Preeti PillaiShaitan05:07
La Vettam (Male) Ringtone DownloadShreekumar VakkiyilAngamaly Diaries01:16
Tere Mere Pyaar Ki Ringtone DownloadNaresh Iyer, Shweta PanditDavid03:33
Madabhara Mizhiyoram Ringtone DownloadPreeti PillaiMalaikottai Vaaliban (Malayalam)03:02
Chayakkadakkara Ringtone DownloadAngamaly PranchiAngamaly Diaries01:54
Do Naina (Trailer Version) Ringtone DownloadShreekumar VakkiyilAngamaly Diaries01:16
Do Naina (Female) Ringtone DownloadPreeti PillaiAngamaly Diaries01:16
Roshomon Ringtone DownloadAshwin Gopakumar, Arun Kamath, Niranj Suresh, Sachin Raj, Rakesh Kishore, Alfred Eby IssacSolo02:51
Do Naina (Male) Ringtone DownloadShreekumar VakkiyilAngamaly Diaries01:16
Nasha (Rock & Soul Version) Ringtone DownloadRanjit Barot, Farhad Bhiwandiwala, Bindu NambiarShaitan04:17
Nee Naa Premaki Ringtone DownloadKrishna ChaitanyaDavid (Telugu)03:33
Etho Vaathil Ringtone DownloadPrashant Pillai, K.S. Harisankar, Preeti PillaiEtho Vaathil (From “Djinn”)04:59
Bali (The Sound Of Shaitan) Ringtone DownloadK. S. KRISHNAN, Preeti Pillai, Kalloist, Farhad Bhiwandiwala, Hitesh ModakShaitan03:35
La Vettam (Female) Ringtone DownloadPreeti PillaiAngamaly Diaries01:16
Tere Liye Mere Kareem Ringtone DownloadGagan Baderiya, Prashant PillaiWazir02:58
Lokam Ennum Ringtone DownloadBijibal, Niranj Suresh, Sachin Raj, Haritha Balakrishnan, Radhika NarayananSakhavu (Original Motion picture Soundtrack)03:37
Theeyame Ringtone DownloadAngamaly Pranchi, Shreekumar VakkiyilBest of 2017 – Malayalam03:00
O Manuja Ringtone DownloadPrashant Pillai, SitharaO Manuja – Djinn03:43
Spirit Of Amen Ringtone DownloadAlphons Joseph, Prashant Pillai, Sankar SharmaAmen04:00
Ya Husain Ringtone DownloadTurazDavid02:32
Naandhaana Naan Needhaana Ringtone DownloadPrashant Pillai, Gowtham Bharadwaj, Keerthana VaidyanathanKathir05:02
Eeran Kannil Ringtone DownloadK.S.HarisankarBest Of 2020 Malayalam04:14
Enter (Music) Ringtone DownloadNot ApplicableShaitan01:21
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