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Blaze Ringtone Download

Blaze encompasses a diverse array of artists, including two British heavy metal bands, an American electronica group, an American MC, and a Japanese hardcore band.

Some listeners use the term “Blaze” to refer to Blaze Bayley and his current band, known for tracks like “The Man Who Would Not Die,” or his former band B L A Z E, renowned for albums such as “Silicon Messiah” and “Tenth Dimension.”

Blaze Bayley, born on May 29, 1963, is an English heavy metal vocalist and songwriter, notably recognized for his tenure in Iron Maiden from 1994 to 1999, succeeding Bruce Dickinson as the lead singer.

Before his Iron Maiden days, Bayley fronted the rock band Wolfsbane, achieving legendary status in Tamworth during the early 1990s. However, his departure from Iron Maiden in 1999 led him to pursue a solo career, initially under the moniker B L A Z E, now known as Blaze Bayley.

Over the years, Bayley has released five studio albums, including “Silicon Messiah,” “Tenth Dimension,” “Blood and Belief,” “The Man Who Would Not Die,” and “Promise and Terror,” alongside two live albums, “As Live As It Gets” and “Alive in Poland.”

The band’s original lineup included Steve Wray, John Slater, Rob Naylor, and Jeff Singer, with numerous touring and session members joining and departing until the current lineup solidified. Presently, the band consists of Blaze Bayley, Nico Bermúdez, Dave Bermúdez, Jay Walsh, and Lawrence Paterson.

On a different musical front, Blaze, originating from New Jersey, comprises the duo Josh Milan and Kevin Hedge, who commenced their production journey in 1984.

By 1986, they had already made a mark with garage classics like “If You Should Need A Friend” and “Whatcha Gonna Do,” featuring vocals by Colonel Abrams.

Throughout the 1990s, Blaze’s success continued with hits like “Hide Away” by De’Lacy and “My Desire” by Amira, which have since become anthems in their own right.

Their collaborations extended to releases on Slip ‘n’ Slide and Easy Street Records, as well as contributions to Louie Vega’s album “Elements Of Life.”

Although Chris Herbert was once part of Blaze, he departed the group in the early 1990s.

Their discography includes albums like “Basic Blaze,” “Spiritually Speaking,” and “Do You Remember House.”

Contributions to this collective artistic landscape may be subject to the Creative Commons By-SA License or the GNU FDL.

Blaze Ringtone Download MP3

1Dol Dol Dol Ringtone DownloadBlaaze, ShaheenYuva04:00
2Zor Na Koi Ringtone DownloadArsh Randhawa, Kritika Sharma, BlazeZor Na Koi (From “Yaar Chale Bahar 2”)03:03
3Hey Siri Ringtone DownloadSartaj Virk, Arsh Randhawa, BlazeHey Siri02:40
4Kodduthada Kaasu Ringtone DownloadBlaze, Mugesh/DhinaValla Kottai04:02
5Valvadhu Oru Murai Ringtone DownloadKrish, BlazePaaraseega Mannan04:53
6Palance Ringtone DownloadBlaze, J WSerious Soca Jams, Vol. 202:46
7Ghante Pei Ringtone DownloadCMGhante Pei02:58
8Chah Peende A Ringtone DownloadLovely NoorChah Peende A02:50
9With You Ringtone DownloadS.W., Blaze, LaniqueFinal Flash03:44
10Zulfaan Ringtone DownloadArsh Randhawa, BlazeZulfaan02:58
11Enjoy idhu Ringtone DownloadRantith, BlazeChennai Kadhal03:48
12Melody Ringtone DownloadBlaze, S.I.MMelody03:46
13Maan Wali Gal Ringtone DownloadDeep Karan, BlazeMaan Wali Gal02:10
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