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The Versatile Artistry of Gold Devaraj

Gold Devaraj stands as a prominent figure in the vibrant tapestry of Indian cinema. Hailing from Karnataka, he has etched his name in the annals of the film industry with his versatile performances across various genres and languages. From captivating audiences as a lead protagonist to sending shivers down spines as a formidable villain, Devaraj’s prowess knows no bounds.

A Renowned Presence in Indian Cinema: Gold Devaraj

With a career spanning over several decades and more than 200 feature films to his credit, Gold Devaraj has rightfully earned the title of a “Dynamic Hero” in the Kannada film industry. His magnetic presence on screen, coupled with his ability to effortlessly embody a diverse range of characters, has endeared him to audiences far and wide. Whether portraying the valiant hero, the compassionate friend, or the menacing antagonist, Devaraj’s performances leave an indelible impression on viewers.

A Journey of Artistic Evolution:

Before gracing the silver screen, Gold Devaraj honed his craft on the theatrical stage under the guidance of stalwarts like Shankar Nag and B. Jayashree. His formative years in theater laid the foundation for his multifaceted talent and provided him with a deep understanding of the nuances of performance art. This rich theatrical background infuses his film performances with a depth and authenticity that sets him apart.

A Legacy of Excellence: Gold Devaraj

Gold Devaraj’s contributions to Indian cinema have been duly recognized with numerous awards and accolades, including the prestigious Karnataka State Film Award for Best Actor for his compelling portrayal of the protagonist in the film “Veerappan” in 1991. Beyond the glitz and glamour of the silver screen, Devaraj’s dedication to his craft and his commitment to storytelling have endeared him to both critics and audiences alike.

In the ever-evolving landscape of Indian cinema, Gold Devaraj continues to shine as a beacon of talent and creativity, his performances serving as a testament to the enduring power of cinematic artistry. With each role he undertakes, he reaffirms his status as a true virtuoso, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts and minds of cinephiles everywhere.

1Bujjiamma Bujjiamma Ringtone DownloadGold Devaraj, GhibranRun Raja Run03:22
2Om Namachivaya Om – Lord Shiva Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold DevarajGhibran’s Spiritual Series14:20
3Donal Daggu Ringtone DownloadRoll Rida, Gold DevarajHero02:46
4Thaattiyare Thaattiyare Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajKutti Puli01:57
5Kaathu Kaathu Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajKutti Puli04:37
6Soorathenga Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold DevarajKoogle Kuttappa04:17
7Dhandame Ettukuntam Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajBaabu Bangaaram04:08
8Govinda Hari Govinda Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Srisha Vijayasekar, Gold DevarajGhibran’s Spiritual Series19:55
9Kanchi Mittai Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajKalavathi04:10
10Adigo Puli Ringtone DownloadGold Devaraj, LipsikaEdaina Jaragocchu04:10
11Karumari Amman Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold Devaraj, Surmukhi, Srisha VijayasekarGhibran’s Spiritual Series04:40
12Mannavanaanalum Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold DevarajElectro Folk Series with Ghibran03:04
13Melam Kottudaa Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold DevarajAramm04:29
14Bujjiamma Bujjiamma Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajFollow Follow And Other Hits03:22
15Ammamo Em Ammayo Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajKanabadutaledu03:51
16Bujjiamma Bujjiamma Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajBye Bye 2014 – Telugu Blockbusters Songs Of Year 201403:22
17Melam Kottudaa Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold DevarajHits Of 2017 – Tamil04:29
18Kaathu Kaathu Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajRocking Hits of 2014-201504:37
19Kaathu Kaathu – 2013 Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajIlamai Thullal – New Dance Songs04:37
20Bujjiamma Bujjiamma Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajTrending Duo – S.S.Thaman & Ghibran03:22
21Roattu Kadai Party Ringtone DownloadGold Devaraj, Jackquline MaryAan Dhevathai03:08
22Thangame Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajSelvi04:07
23Soda Buddi Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajO Pilla Nee Valla03:36
24Tip Top Ringtone DownloadHema Ambika, Gold DevarajSelvi01:43
25Kaathu Kaathu Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajKollybeat – Peppy Tamil collection04:37
26Oyyari Oyyari Ringtone DownloadGold Devaraj80’s Buildup (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)03:20
27Project Z Theme Music Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajProject Z01:17
28Kaathu Kaathu Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajPride of Tamil Film – Poet Vairamuthu04:38
29Thevaaram – Pithaa Pirai soodi (Elam Thirumurai) Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold Devaraj, Sarath SantoshThevaaram (From “Ghibran’s Spiritual Series”)03:38
30Soorathenga Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold DevarajKoogle Kuttappa04:17
31Adi Kalli Kadey Ringtone DownloadGold Devaraj, G.V. Prakash KumarKathar Basha Endra Muthuramalingam (Original Motion Picture Soundtrack)02:01
32Visiladippom Ringtone DownloadGold Devaraj, JagadeeshEnakku Onnu Therinjaakanum05:01
33Narthu Eastu Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajAthisayam Vol 604:12
34Akkarakki Thaandra Ringtone DownloadB Ajaneesh Loknath, Gold Devaraj, GirishChevvaikizhamai04:31
35Raakku Raakku Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold Devaraj, Aravind Srinivas, Sarath Santosh, Shenbagaraj, Sai VigneshPattathu Arasan03:56
36Thaaru Maaru Ringtone DownloadShravan Kalai, Gold DevarajThoppukaranam04:00
37Adi Kalli Kadey (LoFi) Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajAdi Kalli Kadey (LoFi)02:47
38Kaathu Kaathu Veesuthu – Trap Mix Ringtone DownloadRithick J, Gold DevarajKaathu Kaathu Veesuthu – Trap Mix02:20
39Vandhanam Vandhanam Ringtone DownloadC. Sathya, Gold Devaraj, Muthu Sirpy, Puratchi Mani, Nehru SamiduraiNaadu03:02
40Thaattiyare Thaattiyare – Folk Mix Ringtone DownloadThe Independeners, Gold DevarajThaattiyare Thaattiyare – Folk Mix01:56
41Chakara Muthey (From “Rebel”) Ringtone DownloadSiddhu Kumar, Navakkarai Naveen Prabanjam, Gold DevarajChakara Muthey (From “Rebel”)02:32
42Gathikettoru Neram (From “Boomerang”) Ringtone DownloadGold DevarajGathikettoru Neram (From Boomerang)03:33
43Adigo Puli BGM (From “Edaina Jaragocchu – BGM”) Ringtone DownloadGold Devaraj, LipsikaEdaina Jaragocchu – BGM02:00
44Thaattiyare Thaattiyare – Future Bass Mix Ringtone DownloadAravind Polo, Gold DevarajThaattiyare Thaattiyare – Future Bass Mix01:47
45Kaatu Puli Uru Urumma (From “Kaa – The Forest”) Ringtone DownloadSundar C Babu, Kidakuzhi Mariyammal, Gold DevarajKaatu Puli Uru Urumma (From “Kaa – The Forest”)03:35
46Oopaleni Vuyyalalo Ringtone DownloadGold Devaraj, Nagaraj B, Satya SomeshOopaleni Vuyyalalo (From “Range Rover”)04:04
47Theraattam Poguthu Ringtone DownloadGhibran, Gold DevarajKurangu Pedal04:27
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